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Mission Statement

While the Pennsylvania Equality Project (PEP) supports marriage equality for all as one of its goals, this organization seeks to end legal discrimination based on real or perceived sexual and gender identity. Furthermore, PEP also seeks to end maltreatment against people within the LGBTQIA community. PEP has taken a firm stand against the practice of "conversion therapy" and seeks to have the practice prohibited in Pennsylvania. PEP's goal is to raise awareness of our demand for equal treatment under the law for all Pennsylvanians regardless of ethnic heritage, sexual and/or gender identity, age, or race, and take any appropriate actions toward that goal.


PEP presents news and commentary about the fight for equality in Pennsylvania. Our commitment to the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community transcends marriage, and includes ending legal discrimination against all people, though particularly LGBTQ people, for public accommodations at the local and state level. 

PEP is committed to working with legislators to end the largely discredited "ex-gay conversion therapy." To accomplish these goals, we use social media such as this website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other media as needed.

PEP Equality Award

The PEP/ME4PA Equality Award is given to those distinguished people in Pennsylvania who have fought on behalf of the LGBT community to win equality rights for all Pennsylvanians. We designated these people since 2013 with a certificate of recognition and a place of honor on this page. Each of these people have spoken out to move our cause forward. They have acted against those who tried to prevent full equality from becoming law in Pennsylvania. It is for these people that his award is presented.

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PEP/ME4PA Equality Award Winners

Equality Award Winners

Upper left: D. Bruce Hanes, Clerk of Orphans Court, Montgomery County PA

Upper center: Michael Kenton Mahler, Editor, Erie Gay News

Upper right: Paula Johnston, SWPA ME4PA Region Leader

Center left: Mayor John Fetterman, Braddock, PA

Center: Representative Brian Sims, Philadelphia, PA

Center right: Rusty Doll, Founder Change Philly Today, Philadelphia, PA

Lower left: Senator Daylin Leach, King of Prussia, PA

Pennsylvania Equality Project Leadership Team

David E. Moore 0 President

Jennifer Rahal-Moore 0 Vice President

Kraig Kelly 0 Military Affairs Liaison

Mechelle Marafon 0 Board Member

Kyle Loewy 0 Board Member

Paula Johnston 0 Board Member

Joshua Szczesny  0 Board Member

Nahtanha Klingensmith  0 Board Member

Kyle Lambing 0 Board Member 

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